Welcome to the CLT IBM QCC website. This site will be used for general communication to all the QCC members from the Charlotte IBM site as well as those that live in the Charlotte area.  If you are new to this area, and wish to be added to the Charlotte QCC roster, send an email to Bill Nemecek at .  This list is not sold or provided to any other groups within or outside of IBM.

Officers for 2009-10 We have elected the new slate of officers for 2009-10. Please feel free to contact them and give them your ideas of QCC activities and get involved to help with an activity or an event.

President: Mike Munao
Vice President: Terry Mutakabbir
Sectretary: Kiem Dang
Treasurer: Stephne Turner


We need your involvement in committees, both current employees and retirees; Event Planning, Membership and Communications (website & newsletter). There will be a signup at the next event.




        Community Grants

        Discounts for IBMers

        Employee Purchase Program for IBM Certified Used PCs

        Employment verification

        The Greater IBM Connection

        IBM Club

        Jobs at IBM

        Matching Grants


        On Demand Community

        Retiree Charitable Contribution Campaign

        Thomas J. Watson Memorial Scholarship Program

        Employee Services Center (ESC) 1-800-796-9876

Retirees Club of CLT

2009 Newsletter ! (It's COMMING !)   

BI-LAWS Click here to view the BI-LAWS online

CHANGE OF ADDRESS The IBM Corporate Human Resources Department has your address. If the address is incorrect, please call Pension Services at 800-796-9876 or IBM HR to change your official address. The IBM QCC Charlotte is now keeping a USPS mailing list and email list for club use only. Please email to or call Bill Nemecek at 704-398-9703. Thank you for your cooperation.

Egroups - We have had problems with the Yahoo Group, , causing problems with IBM emails with out-of-office autoreply causing multiple ping-pongs and will look for a better solution. If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know. Bill Nemecek

  Last update  5 November 2009